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Roadmap for Rapid Reserves Analysis

What if you could evaluate a field’s proven, probable, and possible reserves in just a few weeks? Rapid reserves analysis is possible with the right technical approach, technology, and processes. Following The Information Store's five simple steps, your company can achieve timely, data-driven, and actionable field study results.


Powering the Digital Oilfield

Seeking to improve efficiency while simultaneously reducing information technology operating costs? Through a federated data management approach, iStore powers the Digital Oilfield by connecting the right people to the right information in a short amount of time.


Quick Data Management Evaluation (QDME)

Looking to create a uniform data management approach, but do not know where to start? The Information Store's Quick Data Management Evaluation (QDME) rapidly reviews data management fundamentals and identifies information gaps, revealing the insight needed to create a data-driven organization.