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The Information Store's wide portfolio of exploration solutions helps our clients solve the toughest challenges throughout the exploration phase of the E&P lifecycle.

Rich visualization, including interactive GIS maps, allows exploration data and documents to be easily managed and visualized, and prospects ranked and tracked through the exploration process phases.

Prospect Ranking

The Information Store's Prospect Ranking (QPA™) solution assists asset teams by applying a standard methodology to rank prospects based on their potential. QPA generates a series of indicators and ranks prospects based on key parameters such as hydrocarbons in place, reserves, estimated production, and economic potential. The solution also provides explanations and reasons for the rankings accompanied with appropriate supporting graphs, charts, and maps. 

Exploration Data Workflow

The Information Store solution streamlines the exploration workflow with documents organized by geographic area, lease or bid-round, and workflow stages supporting the prospect development, review, and approval process.  Documents can be easily located and accessed using a powerful search function. Well locations, prospects, facilities, and offset well information are retrieved and displayed directly from the GIS map. This web-based solution facilitates collaboration between team members, regardless of their location.

Seismic Information Management

The upstream petroleum industry relies on 2D and 3D seismic data to create accurate subsurface models that inform decision makers of every aspect of the asset life-cycle, from exploration and development drilling, to production and field operations, and reserves and reservoir management. The PetroTrek® Seismic Asset Management solution efficiently connects users with the data they need through a centralized intranet website that enables users to quickly find, access, select, visualize, download, and order seismic data. As a result, geoscience and engineering staff receive the data they need quickly, expediting exploration, exploitation, and production decisions.

Driven by PetroTrek integration technology, this solution connects disparate sources of seismic data wherever it is already physically stored, allowing the solution to be rapidly deployed and maintained without the need for large scale and costly data migration.

Well Log Management

The Information Store's well log management solution organizes the building and management of log and curve archives. The solution includes data validation, master curve mnemonic assignment, log classification, extensive log vendor dictionaries, and an integrated log viewer. The solution empowers the user by combining all pertinent well log data into a centralized database, allowing for quick and easy search and retrieval of specific logs and data. The database displays information in the structured and uniform PPDM-standard model, giving the user the insight needed to make informed decisions.

Reservoir Prioritization & Analysis

The Information Store's trademarked Quick Value Assessment (QVA®) methodology and supporting software provides quick and easy access to surface, subsurface, and economic data related to oil and gas prospects. QVA combines sophisticated mapping, hydrocarbon pore volume and reserves estimation, and subsurface visualization to quickly review and analyze a prospect’s reserves, production, and economic potential.