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The Information Store's drilling solutions modernize departmental resource planning, collaboration, and the management of complex development and drilling operations.

Rig Logistics and Scheduling

The Information Store's rig logistics and scheduling solution gives planning groups powerful web-based tools for optimizing utilization of scarce resources (such as rigs and workover equipment), monitoring mobile assets, managing rig logistics, and tracking resource requests, allocation, and delivery. The solution covers drilling, completion, and workover activities, including assignment of appropriate rigs and equipment to each activity, ensuring that valuable resources are used efficiently, while facilitating collaboration among resource planning teams and the coordination among operators and service companies.

Drilling and operations dashboard

The Information Store's drilling and operations dashboard provides a rich set of drilling, workover, recompletion, and other operations-related key performance indicators, including actuals vs. plan, current drilling and operation status, timelines and schedules, and links to daily and summary reports.