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The Information Store's asset optimization offerings combine consulting services with sophisticated data visualization and analysis technologies to optimize asset performance.

QVA® Field Study

Quick Value Assessment (QVA®) combines reservoir expertise, patent pending technology, and a uniform process for quickly evaluating the production and reserves potential of oil and gas fields. QVA field studies identify reserves and production improvement opportunities and yields action plans.


QRA™ Reserves Analysis

Quick Reserves Analysis (QRA™) is an integrated service and technology solution for the systematic classification, appraisal, and management of oil and gas reserves. QRA enables standardized classification and rapid assessment of 1P, 2P, and 3P reserves, including producing, behind pipe, and undeveloped reserves.

QPA™ Field Prioritization

Quick Priority Analysis (QPA™) helps rank and prioritize fields or prospects based on their reserves, production, and economic potentials. QPA incorporates a standard methodology to rank and prioritize fields for field study projects.