Maintenance — Global Energy Software and Technical Services Provider

The Information Store's maintenance solutions enable multiple users from remote locations to collaborate and share information related to equipment tracking and reporting, day-to-day operational support, and logistics support for daily business processes.


The Information Store's logistics solution supports the management of the PMO reporting for projects across multiple departments within a corporation. The solution assists in the collection of performance data from operating partners, evaluates and assesses prospects, projects, and operating partners, consolidates data and documents for the lifecycle of the investment projects, and provides effective, efficient, and standard project reporting and investment management.


The Information Store's equipment reliability tracking system in an intuitive, one stop search and retrieval tool for locating all relevant information for an equipment tag ID. The equipment data is programmatically gathered from disparate data sources and displayed through a single web-based interface. The solution provides engineers, management, and partners in remote locations quick and easy access to integrated reliability information. The solution also utilizes a single interface to each of the various systems, allowing for casual access in one standardized view.