QQDM — Global Energy Software and Technical Services Provider

QQDM facilitates data governance by enabling data managers to access, aggregate, edit, synchronize, and enforce data standards into an industry-standard data store.

Don’t chase the data. Let the data chase you.

The PetroTrek® Quick Quality Data Management (QQDM) enables your organization to deliver corporate asset protection, quality assurance, and timely access to data of known quality. QQDM provides a rich set of data loading and quality control tools integrated with sophisticated data visualization and workflows incorporated into an industry-standard PPDM data model.

QQDM works within a proven web-service framework to load, validate, and improve business-critical data. QQDM incorporates rapid Excel-based data loading, configurable data validation rules, data editing, and rich visualization. Companies can also facilitate data governance within the organization by creating data management workflows.



  • Cost-effectively manage project or master data with robust web-based services
  • Synchronize corporate data stores with application databases
  • Easily manage E&P data in the industry-standard PPDM model
  • Enforce company-defined reference data standards and rules


  • Quick, comprehensive data loading
  • Pre-load and post-load data validation
  • Powerful multi-database connectivity
  • Web-based user interface
  • End-user engagement in data QC
  • Data management specific workflows
  • PPDM-based, extensible, transaction-oriented data model
  • Hosted or on-premises Oracle or SQL Server deployment
  • Single or federated master data environment

Supported Workflows

QQDM can be configured to support upstream data management workflows.

Example workflows:

  • Multi-source well header data load, QC, edit
  • Directional survey load, process, QC, edit, visualize, notify
  • Well log file archive, QC, visualize, notify
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

QQDM supports a wide range of upstream data management activities.

  • Source identification
  • Data collection
  • Data transformation
  • Rule administration
  • Error detection and correction
  • Data consolidation
  • Data storage


With an adaptable design, QQDM enables fit-for-purpose solutions to be quickly configured. Modular components include:

  • Transaction manager
  • Raw data editor
  • Reference data editor
  • Entitlement manager
  • Audit manager
  • Validation manager
  • Data loader
  • Well search
  • Unit of measure manager
  • Workflow manager
  • Process scheduler
  • Data connector support


  • Data modeling
  • Data loading and QC
  • Data integration
  • Data migration
  • Software customization
  • Workflow support and automation


QQDM offers a wide variety of quick look analysis and visualization tools to efficiently connect business users with QQDM-managed data.


  • Time trend chart
  • 3D subsurface viewer
  • Cross section viewer
  • 3D directional survey
  • Wellbore and log viewer
  • Production chart
  • Dynamic data grid

GIS Layers

  • Wells and wellbore tracks 
  • Satellite imagery and weather 
  • Roads and boundaries 
  • Production bubble plots 
  • Pipelines and facilities 
  • Mobile assets and people 
  • Subsurface contoured map 
  • Isopach maps 
  • Bathymetry and currents

*Map can consume layers from any GIS server.