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The Information Store's partner collaboration and reporting solutions give companies a competitive edge for marketing and tracking prospects, joint venture, and farm-out opportunities.


Virtual Data Room

The Information Store's virtual data room solution helps companies promote prospects and business opportunities, including joint ventures, non-operated properties, and farm-outs. The solution gives operators and prospective partners the security and tools required to share large volumes of regulated and confidential data with a clear focus on expediting partner agreements and contracts.

The virtual data room solution gives authorized users secure Internet access to field studies, production volumes, well logs, and other key data with auditing tools to track and document delivery of all disclosed information. The solution also features data driven maps, charts, and subsurface visualization technology to give users the quick look analysis they need to make faster and better informed decisions.

Joint Venture Reporting & Tracking (JVRT)

Designed for oil and gas joint venture operations, the Joint Venture Reporting and Tracking (JVRT) solution helps companies securely exchange large volumes of E&P data and documents with tools for presenting, reporting, analyzing, and tracking the performance of joint operations. The solution provides value and convenience to both operators and partners by consolidating files and documents into one website, giving both parties 24/7 access to the information. With critical data readily available, decisions and agreements can be made faster and more efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline information exchange with partners and service companies
  • Provide easy access to subsurface, well, and reserves data to expedite contract and support operations
  • Securely share all required information with tools to track and document receipts
  • Track and monitor operations activities with key performance indicators, powerful reporting, and data collection tools

Acquisition & Divestiture

The Information Store's acquisition and divestiture solution provides a detailed workflow to collect and organize documents, statistics, and parameters into data packages. The workflow utilizes a checklist template to simplify the assembly and analysis of key elements needed for preparation and consideration.