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The Information Store’s Digital Oilfield solutions, based on our proven PetroTrek® technology, feature flexible data visualization, data integration, mapping, and analysis capabilities. The Information Store can quickly configure solutions to solve unique business challenges and workflow requirements.


The Information Store's asset management solutions assist asset teams by improving cycle times and monitoring asset performance, as well as tracking financials and production key performance indicators. The asset management solutions consolidate information from multiple data sources to provide an online up-to-date access portal and decision support system to monitor critical information and optimize oil and gas production. All asset management solutions templates can be configured to meet specific client requirements and workflows. Learn More


The Information Store's wide portfolio of exploration solutions helps our clients solve the toughest challenges throughout the exploration phase of the E&P lifecycle. Rich visualization, including interactive GIS maps, allows exploration data and documents to be easily visualized and prospects ranked and tracked through the exploration process phases. Learn More


The Information Store's drilling solutions modernize departmental resource planning, collaboration, and the management of complex development and drilling operations. Learn More

Production Operations

The Information Store's production operations solutions organize and provide quick and easy access to critical data for making day-to-day decisions, as well as provide the means to gain strategic insight needed to proactively manage the activities of a region or asset. Learn More

Partner Collaboration & reporting

The Information Store's partner collaboration and reporting solutions gives companies a competitive edge for marketing prospects, joint venture, and farm-out opportunities. Learn More

Reserves management

The Information Store's reserves management solutions provide insight into all stages of field maturity. Learn More

Midstream Operations

The Information Store's midstream operations solutions assist in the fluid management and transportation of your hydrocarbon products throughout the entire midstream lifecycle. Learn More