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The Information Store's data management services provide expertise and processes to improve data quality and data accessibility.


Oil and gas properties generate large volumes of data every day. Companies require on–demand access to high quality information. The Information Store's data management mission is simple—give our clients easy and timely access to reliable business data.

We solve each of our client’s unique information management challenges with industry–leading consulting services. iStore can lead or support any data management project, from data discovery and quality control, to data governance and technology assessment. Our team of veteran data managers, geologists, petroleum engineers, and project managers can assist you with all your data challenges.

Generate more value from your data:

  • Well logs
  • Well headers
  • Directional surveys
  • Cores
  • Seismic
  • Stratigraphy
  • Production
  • Well tests
  • Zone attributes
  • Operating parameters
  • AFE and LOE
  • Well events
  • Operations activities

Data Access

The Information Store can quickly improve data transparency while addressing data quality and data storage requirements over time. Whether the data is in a single data store or distributed among multiple databases and applications, iStore can support business decisions by presenting all the data required in business contextual web pages through maps, grids, charts, wellbore views, and more. iStore has connected and integrated information from over 100 commercial and proprietary data sources.

Data sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Financials – SAP, P2ES
  • Reserves Economics – ARIES
  • Subsurface – Finder, IHS PETRA, LIMS, Recall
  • Real Time (SCADA) – RTIS, PI
  • Operations – OpenWorks, CATALYST, Energy Components, WellView
  • Documents – eSearch, Cimage, File Systems

Data Integration

The Information Store's data integration approach leverages a centralized database to enhance data quality and data validity. This approach consolidates data from multiple external and internal sources into a high graded, single data set. This service utilizes timely collection and validation of data, which gives the client full value of the valuable data routinely collected during the petroleum exploration, development, and production cycle. This allows all entitled client personnel quick and easy access to the best data available in a timely manner.

Well Information Management

The Information Store's well information management solution was designed by upstream data managers to target specific needs of data professionals. The solution offers web–based access with a comprehensive suite of well information management tools including import, validation, audit, reference data management, and data editor that together allow for creating multi–source gold standard data and facilitate synchronization of disparate databases with the master source.

Well Log Management

The Information Store's well log software is streamlined to build and manage log and curve archives. The system includes data validation, master curve mnemonic assignment, log classification, extensive log vendor dictionaries, and an integrated log viewer. Curve statistics gathered during the log load process indicate NULL values and their counts, show curve minimum and maximum values, and allow NULL value correction as necessary. Well log management integrated with your master data easily replaces well log header data with validated well header information.


The Information Store's experienced data management team can assist you by putting together a data governance program tailored to your business, enabling good data management practice at each step of the data lifecycle. This ensures your organization will have the most appropriate and correct data available at all times.

Maturity Validation

The Information Store's maturity validation service assists in the understanding of how each data type and database is managed and utilized. Through a series of questions, the state of your data types is assessed and a report is produced that summarizes observations, conclusions, and recommendations to achieve more mature data management processes.

Aggregation and Migration

As data is often preserved in multiple databases and applications, iStore can quickly analyze your data stores to improve the order and cohesiveness of your data. The Information Store aggregates information from multiple sources into the business context required to yield valuable information from discrete pieces of data. This includes the migration and cleansing of data from multiple sources into target systems.

Data Model Design

As a leader in PPDM development on Oracle and SQL Server, iStore collaborates with the client to extend the PPDM data model to organize the information necessary for managing day–to–day operations. The Information Store works with your team to plan, execute, and monitor your data projects, as well as convert your existing data model into the PPDM data model where beneficial.

iStore solves the problem of data control, as our experienced team of expert data modelers can quickly assemble a new data repository or model new data into an existing repository.

Quality Control

The Information Store designs and builds data validation rules for your data and assists in implementing rule processing to make sure your data is factual and precise before it is used. The Information Store's rich set of visualization tools allows users to quickly identify and correct data errors such as duplicates, missing data, and data mis–ties.

PPDM Data Implementation

Our team of veteran data managers offers extensive experience in implementing the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) data model. The Information Store has built software products utilizing PPDM and implemented multiple PPDM projects.

•    PPDM Implementation or Customization
•    Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server