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The Information Store provides private and public cloud-hosted solutions through web-based, online services for the oil and gas industry to store, organize, visualize, analyze, and share data, documents, and analyses.


WellBitz provides users access to low cost electronic data storage and access to tools for managing and tracking oil and gas properties, performing decline curve analysis, forecasting reserves, and estimating economic value of wells. The solution allows users to easily create production plots, decline curves, and generate maps showing wells, leases, or prospects, which can be securely shared with team members or partners.

Seismic Ordering System

The Information Store's web-based solutions, hosted on either private or public clouds, are easily accessible by geographically dispersed teams—an especially beneficial feature for facilitating collaboration between head and field offices. Security is ensured through encrypted links and role-based entitlement, with limited access provided only to authenticated users. The seismic ordering system, which provides mission-critical workflow support for ordering and tracking seismic data orders from a catalog of available 2D and 3D surveys, leverages cost-effective externally-hosted solutions.