QVA® — Global Energy Software and Technical Services Provider

QVA® identifies, quantifies, and highlights reserves and production potential in oil and gas fields with visually-rich, industry-specific tools to view subsurface and surface data, including wellbore visualization, detailed mapping, and powerful analytics all in a web-based environment.

Identifying and estimating remaining reserves and maximizing production from oil and gas fields requires deep insight into subsurface, wellbore, and surface conditions, and historical asset performance. It requires access to all historical and current reservoir, well, and field data from multiple, typically disconnected data sources.

The Information Store's Quick Value Assessment (QVA®) software and processes rapidly bring all the relevant data together. The software's powerful visualization, mapping, and analytical features are designed to quickly identify, analyze, and estimate oil and gas in place volumes, remaining reserves, and production potential of oil and gas fields.

QVA combines expert data management practices, sophisticated mapping, data visualization, and analytical features to enable companies to quickly review and analyze fields and assess their reserves and production potentials. Importantly, QVA facilitates ranking of fields based on their production, reserves, and economic potentials and assists in optimizing field performance by identifying opportunities to increase production and reserves.



  • Quickly assess the production and reserves potential of fields
  • Create holistic views of fields by leveraging all subsurface well data
  • Generate recommendations for improving production and reserves management
  • Document reserves revisions and additions for certifying companies
  • Support asset evaluations and appraisals for external investment
  • Quickly identify rework, recompletion, and new drilling opportunities


  • Easy web-based access
  • Rich map-based tools
  • Advanced 3D viewers
  • PetroTrek® Stick Chart (patent-pending)
  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Wellbore and log viewer
  • Subsurface contoured maps
  • Production bubble plots
  • Isopach maps and volumetric calculations
  • Wells and document search
  • PPDM data storage standards
  • Excel exports of selected data
  • Multi-language support


  • Region or Area overview
  • Asset overview
  • Field report
  • Well report
  • Well group report
  • GIS map toolset
  • Entitlement manager

Supported Workflows

  • Reserves management and analysis
  • Production forecasting
  • Well log analysis
  • Region, area, or field evaluation and appraisal
  • Well placement/spacing


  • QVA field study
  • Data management and QC
  • Petroleum engineering consulting
  • Onsite training and support


The Information Store's web-based software is built for teams with licensing available at the asset, region, and enterprise levels. QVA leverages The Information Store's PetroTrek® integration and visualization technology on Microsoft .NET platform and offers flexible deployment options:

  • Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server
  • On-premise or cloud hosted